How does it work?

Let's get to know each other!Make an appointment with us for a free 50-minute consultation to learn about your company and its mental health needs. Do you have questions for us? Great! This is a great opportunity to answer them and present a full offer. After the meeting, we'll get back to you with the right program tailored to your employees and management
Welcome aboardIf you decide to cooperate, you will receive a contract from us, after signing which we will conduct onboarding for you in the form of a webinar. At the same time, your organization's employees will receive from us access to the platform with appropriate instructions. The whole process is simplified as much as possible - it took us less than 5 working days to implement an organization with more than 900 employees
We are for your organizationWe support internal communication regarding mental health in the organization through the communicator of your choice or indirectly by contacting the HR department. It all depends on the needs and nature of your organization. In addition, we provide overall support for the psychotherapy and coaching process. Your employees can turn to our Customer Success team at any stage of using the service
Convenience of useAt the end of each month, your organization receives a report summarizing only the visits made and billing in a single invoice. We know how important it is for your employees to feel safe - we provide the highest possible standards of user anonymity

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